Employment integration

Integration at work

In Israel only 42% of people with disabilities age 21 and above are working.
The Army is a gateway for young people of all backgrounds, enabling them to successfully integrate into society and the work force.
It is hard to find the job that is most appropriate for those young adults where they will be able to stay in for a long time and indeed be effective for the employers. Therefore soldiers who finished the army found themselves lost, confused or daunted by the array of options. Unable to choose, they preferred to stay home, and their dreams of integrating into the workforce slowly faded away.

Employees obstacles
Individual obstacles
Stigma , lack of understanding and awareness
Difficulty with social interactions
See it as “charity” and not base on economy
Restricted interests
Distinctive strengths
Job training
Academic knowledge

The Solution:

We need practical solutions that benefit both employer and employee , and show employers how to capitalize on the value and talent that our young people with disabilities add to the workforce.
Remarkable focus and persistence
Aptitude for recognizing patterns
Attention to detail


Prepare members post Army service for careers and use their full potential and insure that they will be part of the local workforce.
Identify potential employers and invite them to meet the soldiers 3 month before complete Army service.
Coordinate with the employer the training, use the 6 month to focus on preparation for the next step.
Intern Employment Program.
Work with the employer and supervise the first 6 month of working with a professional.