What does a canine unit mean?

A program to train young people with special needs to treat & train dogs

The field of emotional treatment by means of the caretaking of dogs developed and gained a growing demand in Israel and worldwide in recent years.The range of treatment tools and different target groups was developed and extended.

The direct contact with dogs raises and enhances a person’s skills such as improving motor skills, communication skills, and emotional development, as well as general social interactions and the prevention of violent behavior.
Treatment with dogs is a unique field. It enables emphasis on human compassion, empathy for the dogs and the interaction between people and dogs.

The dog is a communicative animal. It reacts and it accepts us as we are. The ability to direct a dog using dog-training language contributes to enhancing self-assurance and creates a source of motivation for activities. It enables setting and accepting boundaries, develops tolerance, and develops the ability to accept others, and feel empathy towards others.

canine unit, specialinuniform

A program to train young people with special needs to treat & train dogs


The integration of young people who received training within the framework of the preparation for service in the IDF and in the Border Patrol, as part of the “Special in Uniform” program.

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Special in Uniform young adults with special needs
to work with canines.

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