Special in Uniform is a very unique  program, now operating in partnership with Jewish National Fund (JNF) integrates young people with autism and other disabilities into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and, in turn, into Israeli society.

Its core belief is that everyone belongs and has the right to reach his or her full potential. Special in Uniform focuses on the unique talents of each individual participant to help find a job within the IDF that is a perfect fit for their skills and helping keep Israel safe and secure.

Special in Uniform is changing the fabric of Israeli society, helping create a more caring and inclusive society in Israel by promoting Inclusion of people with disabilities in the IDF in a national level.

When Everyone's Involved, Everyone Wins!

The Battle to Belong

To an Israeli teenager, serving in the IDF is more than a national duty. It is the gateway to independence, skills and lifelong friendships. It is the rite of passage for every 18-year-old.

A Perfect Partnership

Special in Uniform is a groundbreaking program that integrates teens with special needs into the Israel Defense Forces, identifying ways for teens to bring exceptional value using their unique strengths.

From Special to Specialist

True basic training is out of reach for most of our teens. Rather than provide “mock” basic training, soldiers in this program are trained to excel in the areas of their unique strengths.

Beyond the Base

After their terms of service, Special in Uniform helps soldiers transition into civilian life and careers that use their full potential. Our employment program enables members to access and succeed in competitive employment through individual support services, personcentered planning and meaningful job matches.


The Special in Uniform program “has changed the army, because it opens the eyes of other soldiers to people who have disabilities and health problems, to people who are different”

When Everyone's Involved, Everyone Wins!